Kickball Is Coming…

The glory of the PKLWe failed to post about last night’s meeting, but here’s a blurb on what we missed, and what’s to come:

An upcoming event: A Pre-Sign Up meeting is being viagra canadian pharmacy held at Trinity Brewhouse, April 22, at 7:30pm. Bring your questions and help us do a head-count of the teams. We’d like to admit 14 again this year… Check the Calendar for details.

And of course: Signups!! May 2nd. Teams better bring it: Manifesto (make ’em good this time), team roster and cold hard cash.

  • Manifesto! Sing a song, do a dance, yell and scream, give us all you’ve got. Show us your uniform, present your theme, and make it good. As an example, the best manifesto last year: The returning team of Zomboree took the stage. Now, we all know their deal by now… brain-hungry zombies, we get it. So what did they do? One syllable escaped the captains mouth when she was hacked apart and dissemated by her team-mates in a bloody brawl that took all of 10 seconds. That’s what we are talking about. Quick, surprising, funny and horrible all at once. Don’t make this into the Gong Show – if your manifesto is a Peter Jackson trilogy, you will be cut off.
  • Team roster needs to be no less than 15 names, and not made up ones. Give us the email and phone number for the Captain/Co-captains.
  • $300 entry fee required, will be returned if your team does not make the cut. Cash is preferred, but as we had to go and get a bank account, checks are acceptable. Make them out to Jason Hogue or Jarrett McPhee – the Providence Kickball League is not a legal entity so you can’t make the check out to that.

First game of the season will be May 30th, 2009: Stan Lutcha Field, the Armory

Hit up the PKL page and scroll to the bottom for footage of one of the most infamous events in PKL history, to get yourselves in the mood…

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  1. “…the Providence Kickball League is not a legal entity…”

    Does that make it an -illegal- entity? Because that would be way cool.

    I’m looking forward to another season of mid-afternoon entertainment.

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