May Workshops at the AS220 Community Printshop Printshop Workshops! sign up at the AS220 shop online. More info after the jump:

Drypoint $35.00 Sunday May 3rd 1-5pm
In the Drypoint class basic mark making skills as well as the techniques and processes of an etching press will be taught. Participants will make direct marks into a copper plate using sharp tools to leaving lines for inks to sit in and then be transfered to paper by running it though the press at high pressure. Sign up with the AS220 online shop!

Intro to Silkscreen:2 weeks $65.00 Thursdays, May 14th and 21th, 5pm-9pm
This course provides a two week introduction to silkscreen. Participants will learn the basics of the photo-emulsion process, a variety of making ways to make positives, in addition to ink mixing, how to troubleshoot the process, registration and printing methods. Please bring all supplies listed below to the first class. Sign up with the AS220 online shop!

Monoprint $65.00 Saturday May 2th & 9th 1-5pm
Monotype is a singular (mono) image taken from a plate that is drawn or painted on. It is a combination of printmaking and painting. The results are highly original and cannot be replicated in a different process. Monotype allows a lot of room for experimentation and play. It is a great process both for painters who would like to begin working with printmaking as well as printmakers who would like to use a looser and more direct technique of image making. Monotypes can be executed on a variety of surfaces including metal, plastic, varnished cardboard and plexiglass. The inks can be oil or water-based. The image will be executed on copper plates which will allow the introduction of drypoint as another means of mark making. Sign up with the AS220 online shop!

T-Shirt Silkscreen $35.00 Sunday May 31th, 1pm-5pm
Student will learn the very basics of screen-printing 1-color images on t-shirts, using the photo-emulsion process. They will also discover the best methods for keeping t-shirts flat, using the proper ink for fabric, as well as how to properly set the ink into the shirt using the hot press or other at household methods. By the end of the class, students will have produced a wearable, 1-color t shirt. Sign up with the AS220 online shop!

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