Media Matters: Worst ‘Honeymoon’ Media Moments

Glenn Beck’s star is really rising.  And Buchanan in the third clip, oh man…


2 thoughts on “Media Matters: Worst ‘Honeymoon’ Media Moments”

  1. I agree. Also, didn’t Bush engage in some ‘socialist wealth-redistribution’ by cutting every taxpayer a check for $600? I still don’t think people complained enough about that, that was -BAD- policy. Not as bad as deficit-spending on infrastructure projects, but it was Bad with a capital B.

    I don’t recall the Fox News pundits railing against the $600 ‘stimulus’ checks as socialistic.

  2. Big business and government weren’t in bed together for the past eight years? Where were all these Conservative voices then? Fascism? Socialism? It was not okay to disagree with the war in Iran, but it is okay to call our president a fascist, and pray that he fails? Yet they think it’s those of us who disagree with them who are unpatriotic and un-American. I hope they all get together in one place and really DO secede from the union. Let them run their own country into the ground. Will they spew such hatred about each other? They certainly didn’t over the last eight years. This all just makes my blood boil.

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