ForeverGirl Needs Your Vote


Check out The Temple to Music in this video. This local act has recently been brought to my attention by friend of the Dose, Jillian, and they actually sound pretty damn good. They’ve got a sort of electro-pop/auto tune/Daft Punk-y sound with some real original songwriting. Right now they are one of the three finalists in the Lips Open Mic Contest, with a couple of weeks left for voting. Lips is a kind of karaoke game for Xbox 360 — if they win, this song will be a free download from the game and mean huge exposure for the band. For more on this music read the Side Blog entry by uber-fan and possible relative (that’s okay) Bloke Snidely.  To vote go to the ForeverGirl MySpace — I direct you there so that you can also hear their excellent song ‘Me You and Your Butt’.

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