Gus, Who’s Coming To (A) Dinner(time Chat At RISD)

Fourteen years ago, Gus Van Sant made To Die For, one of my favorite movies.  In it, Nicole Kidman plays a New Hampshire weathergirl whose affair with the underage Joaquin Phoenix leads to all sorts of suburban bloodshed and hilarity.  It also features Matt Dillon, the mob, a scene that makes me not hate “Sweet Home Alabama,” and Mod Squad On Ice jokes.  If you’ve never seen it, or haven’t seen it lately, check it out and you will surely not be disappointed.

Since then, Van Sant has made some enormous piles of stinky crap, including a Hanson video, that totally pointless Psycho remake, and the painfully dreadful yet mysteriously beloved Good Will Hunting.  He also made Milk, which was pretty okay, though hardly the revolutionary achievement everybody seemed to think it was.  (Aside from Sean Penn’s performance and the delightful abundance of seventies facial hair, I didn’t really see what the big whoop was.)

Anyway, the Bill Belachick lookalike is speaking at RISD tonight.  I’m not sure what he’s talking about, or if he’s screening anything, but, um, yeah.  If you get bored at the Providence Monthly party it might be worth swinging by, maybe.

RISD Auditorium
7 pm

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