Look, It’s That Naked Baby Toilet Picture Again

Matthew Perpetua, originator of the first-ever mp3 blog, just posted a neato mix by pre-millennial Bostonian indie-rockers Sebadoh. The trio, which had ties to Dinosaur Jr and the Folk Impolosion, had a couple of hits locally–the delightful Ocean and the sappy-yet-not-terrible Willing To Wait–though they’re generally overlooked these days when people talk about that era of music. (I’m slightly distraught, however, that he didn’t include my favorite Sebadoh song, the awesomely poppy Supernatural Force.)

If you prefer your nineties indie to come from across the pond, though, I suggest you check out Moody Places.  The blog–which posts Britpop singles like they’re going out of style (ha)–just posted one of my favorite Delgados songs, The Weaker Argument Defeats The Stronger.  As a bonus, one of the b-sides is a cover of A Very Cellular song, originally done by The Incredible String Band (Who I love, incidentally.  Don’t mock me.)  They’ve put up stuff by the Manic Street Preachers and Bentley Rhythm Ace this week, too, so it’s worth poking around before the links expire.

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