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//” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Below is the text of an email that Matthew J just sent out. I’d add to the arguments listed therein that it’s hard as hell to come to the US these days, and that we should be compassionate to those who do so — usually having moved because of harsh economic and/or socio-political conditions back home. (And in many cases, which our own government has helped to create.)

We’re in great company when it comes to E-Verify — the states having mandated some form of its use including right-wingers AZ, OK, MS, GA (and “purple” states MN and CO). But xenophobia rules the day in our state, the only blue state that has E-Verify regs on the books, even with our below-average undocumented immigrant population.

Hi –

One of the most anti-immigrant and anti-worker pieces of legislation is up for a vote in the House next week. It passed last year, but it died in the Senate. With increasing right-wing pressure from Gov. Carcieri and the talk radio mafia, NOW, more than ever, we need you to raise your voice.

Will you please follow this link and email your Representative to tell them to VOTE NO?

Here’s some basic info. This bill will require all businesses and independent contractors to verify the legal status of any new hires through the E-Verify program. However, E-Verify is a program that national organizations like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the ACLU and the AFL-CIO agree is FUNDAMENTALLY FLAWED.

  1. To operate E-Verify, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will rely on the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) database, which has been identified as a source filled with over 17.8 million errors, many related to name, date of birth or citizenship status.
  2. The system has major faults, as it often inaccurately identifies immigrants and U.S. citizens as not being “employment-eligible.” This will, in some cases, prevent qualified, documented immigrants and U.S. citizens from getting jobs and will unfortunately encourage discrimination among employers.
  3. Potential and current employees are likely to be faced with erroneous results of the E-Verify system, especially those who have immigrated here or changed names after a marriage or divorce. This means it is another piece of legislation that will affect everyone, but unfairly target the immigrant population.
  4. This will adversely affect ALL businesses in RI and imposes just one more obstacle to doing business here. Implementation and training, as well as time spent paying staff people while they appeal inaccurate information, will be costly to businesses both small and large.
  5. Big Brother wants to “check you out” before you can get a job. Need I say more?

Please forward this email to all people of conscience in Rhode Island. Together, we have stopped this dangerous bill in the last 2 years and we need to stand up and stop it again this year.


9 thoughts on “Help Stop E-Verify”

  1. Let me jump in on this… We are a self proclaimed Christian nation. No person claiming to follow the teachings of Christ could in good conscience turn away the needy without hypocrisy. All of us who are in this country but are not of native American decent are immigrants. We took this country with beads and bullets. What right do we have to exclude others from the bounty this country provides. What people should fight against is the tyranny and oppression of the extremely wealthy and over empowered few that hold all the wealth in this country. Blaming social problems on poor and struggling illegals is only an attempt to distract the masses from the real issue. Most illegals are only in this country attempting to survive and feed their families. They do not have a notion of the “American Dream” or of “getting ahead” they are merely trying to survive. This country could feed the poor of the world with the amount of waste it creates. There are enough resources in this country to feed and shelter the homeless, the poor and those who seek refuge here. The real issue is Americans’ need for over indulgence. If this bill were to pass the financial repercussions would be extremely damaging to our already weak and stressed economy. The lower than average wages paid to migrant field workers and other laborers keeps prices down for the average consumer. Do you believe that any high school graduate you know would pick strawberries in the field for $2.00 an hour? If we chase off this group of laborers and are forced to pay higher wages to middle class citizens, what do you think the price of strawberries will become? These illegal people are willing to work at this level and under less than desirable conditions to ensure the survival of themselves and their families. If employers are forced to verify the legal status of their employees with the E-Verify program, the repercussions will be wide spread. Companies will go out of business, families will go hungry, prices on many commodities will escalate and no one will benefit.

  2. joe bernstein

    Sue,I’m pretty conservative on most issues,except economics,where I am just learning disabled.I think you’re probably a liberal,but in some circles if you don’t buy the whole program,you’re a “troll”.

  3. Sorry, but I am a liberal. Just because I’m upfront about it you think I’m some conservative troll. Gimme a break. I’m Canadian ok? I’m probably more liberal by that virtue alone than you will ever be. The laws already in place don’t seem to work and I may just suspect you might be some sort of conservative by your dislike of bureaucracy and rush to defend small business. That’s the typical right wing rallying cry.

    See how silly it sounds?

  4. joe bernstein

    Matt,I don’t have a clue who “Sue Donim”is,but apparently your way of thinking is that a person can’t be a liberal if they don’t make every “station of the cross”that you dictate.That doesn’t sound very liberal or open-minded to me.
    I actually know a lot of very liberal people who are supportive of common sense measures like E-verify.If you think about it for a minute or two,the use of E-verify may bring an end to the workplace raids you so abhor.
    If you want to know the truth,workplace raids to INS agents when I was on the job were anathema-any agent worth shit was more eager to be chasing criminals,fugitives,or aliens just coming in to the country.I really enjoyed going after smugglers and fraud facilitators.
    Any method that would lower the level of drama would be okay with me.E-verify is like taking a vaccination-eliminate the problem up front and avoid the resultant unpleasant consequences of family separation,etc resulting from workplace raids.
    My gut feeling about Napolitano’s stated intent to concentrate on criminal aliens is that she is lying out her ass.I’ve seen that BS shopped around before and somehow it never materializes.
    You want to know something?I vehemently disagree with the “anchor baby”crap-I don’t like the term and I believe everyone born here should be a citizen.In spite of that no one from RIILE has copped an attitude with me over it like you have with this contributor.
    Maybe you should actually think about the way you are coming on here.

  5. joe bernstein

    Well,Matt you made some statements about other issues,but you didn’t provide factual refutation of what I said above.

  6. Oh, as for “Sue Donim”‘s claim that “she’s” a “bleeding heart liberal.” Yeah, okay. That’s like me going on a conservative web site and saying, “speaking as a true conservative…”

  7. There are already laws in place to ‘police’ the hiring of undocumented immigrants.

    Why add a new layer of bureaucracy that could cost each small business up to $27,000 per year in administrative costs (as reported by one MD small business who refused to participate in the program).

    There are other REAL CRISES to deal with instead of this manufactured one.

    Unemployment, anyone?
    Health care, anyone?
    Foreclosures, anyone?
    Renewable energy, anyone?

  8. Like it or not, e-verify is a small step in trying to control the very large and real problem of illegal immigration. It may be flawed but it’s the forward movement that we need to do something about this very real problem.

    I’m a bleeding heart liberal but there needs to be some sort of system in place to discourage the hiring of illegal immigrants. E-verify will not only discourage illegal immigrants from seeking employment in this country, but it will also discourage employers from hiring them – which is the REAL problem.

    I am also a legal immigrant who went throught the entire green card process legally.

  9. joe bernstein

    E-verify uses the Social Security database,right?I didn’t experience any problems when applying for Social Security,and I understand most people don’t.That particular bureaucracy seems to work pretty well.
    Legal immigrants,aliens other than immigrants authorized to work,and naturalized citizens all have file numbers separate and apart from the SS system,which makes them the easiest people to verify.So the people Matt is so conerned for actually have the least to worry about.
    US citizen women who changed their name after marriage,but not with SS might actually have a problem,although they can easily settle it with their marriage certificate.

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