The Undertones, Sadly, Will Not Be Present


While block parties at the Dark Lady are generally the bane of my gay summer existence, this year the DL is kicking off their outdoor festivities with an all-day all-night bang that might actually be more entertaining than the typical bunch of drunk forty-year olds dressed in head-to-toe Hollister.*  On the musical front: LANDED, MADE IN MEXICO, BJ SNOWDEN, TRIANGLE FOREST, I, DESTROYER, WHAT CHEER? BRIGADE, BRONHARD/GOING/PUBLIC, BONESTORM, J.A.C.K., CELLAR DOVES, DJ E P ZIOTOMY, DJ DISCIPLINE, and MORE!  (No idea who this MORE! fellow is…)

There’s also draggy stuff from Ms. DEE DEE LUXE, Miss ADA ADORE, Miss ELLE DAVENPORT, Miss SARAH BEYERS, and Miss PARRYS HAMPTON!

It’s tomorrow and starts at 2 pm.  I just closed the window with the info about it and I’m too lazy to reopen it, so I’m not sure how much it costs.  But proceeds, oddly, go to New Urban Arts.  And there’s something about The Gender Project Photo Series, about which I know nothing.

(*Nothing against being forty, being drunk, or shopping at Hollister.  But all three together are seriously not acceptable.)

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