Doll Parts

Art lovers take note: textile guru Liz Collins’ altogether ooky installation Veins/New Life opened at the AS220 Project Space yesterday, and it’s pretty awesome.  Lots of spooky dolls and lots of yarn.  I took a bunch of photos, but none of them do the piece any justice at all, so you should get down there to see it.

Emily Quillen’s ink drawings are also pretty good, though they get kind of overwhelmed by all the textiles in the other room.

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  1. Sorry for the delay in my response to this article, I just came across it today! It’s too bad that your pics didn’t come out better of Liz’s work, because the retro-reflective yarn that made-up the dress in the window, came out amazing in the photos I took. Absolutely beautiful! Props to Liz! I was super excited to share a show with her! And, in fact, I don’t think my work was overwhelmed, but instead, nicely complimented by her work. Glad you enjoyed the show ;}

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