First in War, Last in Peace

Don’t forget to eat a Johnnycake or light some fireworks before Rhode Island Independence Day is over. It was just 233 years ago that the beloved General Assembly declared our independence from the tyrannical British:

§ 25-2-1  Rhode Island Independence Day.

The fourth day of May in each and every year is established, in this state, as a day for celebration of Rhode Island independence, being a just tribute to the memory of the members of our general assembly, who, on the fourth day of May, 1776, in the State House at Providence, passed an act renouncing allegiance of the colony to the British crown and by the provisions of that act declared Rhode Island sovereign and independent, the first official act of its kind by any of the thirteen (13) American colonies.

As far as I can tell, nobody actually celebrates Rhode Island Independence Day, though perhaps some suggestions are in order. If you missed today and you’re still looking for a way to show some Rhody Pride, way down in Warwick we do throw a big parade to commemorate the first shot fired in the Revolutionary War. That’s when we burned the British schooner The Gaspee after it ran aground. See you there on June 13th.

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