World Premiere – CHILDREN OF THE DNIPRO (Ukraine)

Apu/Anya Productions presents


Written and Directed by David Eliet

At The Perishable Theatre
95 Empire Street – Providence, RI

Thursdays thru Sundays  June 4 – 14,  Curtain 8:00 p.m.
Tickets $15.00 general admission $10.00 Students and Seniors

For tickets and information call (401) 632-1263

CHILDREN OF THE DNIPRO (Ukraine) is a multi-media theatre piece employing, projections, videos and music. Written and directed by David Eliet, it tells of The Holodomor through the stories of children whose lives were irrevocably altered or destroyed by these events.  Aside from dealing with The Holodomor, itself, the play is also an examination of the motivation of an artist who chooses to try and put a frame around such a subject, which like The Holocaust can never be viewed or presented in its full magnitude.  What responsibilities does the artist have to his subject, his audience and to himself?

During the 1920’s Ukraine was allowed to pursue a policy of Nationalistic Communism, which saw an unprecedented flowering of its arts and culture.  But by the end of the decade, Stalin saw a relatively autonomous Ukraine as an impediment to his plans to centralize as much power in his own hands.  The undoing of Ukrainian nationalism began with forced collectivization of the peasant farmers, which led to The Holodomor or Great Hunger of 1932-1933.  An estimated 3.5 to 10 million Ukrainians perished in The Holodomor, yet it remains one of the least known man-made catastrophes of the 20th Century.

David Eliet has spent time in Ukraine as both a director at The Little Globe Theatre and as a Fulbright Scholar at the Kirovohrad Social-Pedagogical Institute.  When he was first there, he was told the story of one man’s grandmother who was sentenced to seven years in a forced labor camp for gleaning seven ears of wheat from a collective farm during the famine.  This story led him on a seven year journey that resulted in the writing of the play while on an Edward F. Albee Playwriting Fellowship in August of 2008.  Along the way he wrote and directed a documentary video called HOLODOMOR, which is now in the Kirovohrad City Museum archives, and which was shown last fall at the 75th Anniversary Commemoration at CCRI. The set and costumes of CHILDREN OF THE DNIPRO (Ukraine) have been designed by the noted Ukrainian designer, Pavlo Bosyy.  The cast includes, Patricia Thomas, Jim Sullivan, Peter Deffet, Kristina Drager, Luis Astudillo and Andrew Stigler.

The production of CHILDREN OF THE DNIPRO (UKRAINE) is supported by a grant from The Rhode Island State Council on The Arts.

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