Be His Guest, Be His Guest, Put His Service To The Test

On Monday the boyfriend and I went to the Cable Car to see Guest of Cindy Sherman, Paul H-O’s documentary about his relationship with the legendary photographer.

In the early nineties, H-O ran a public access show in New York called Gallery Beat, where he and a couple of other people would go to openings and talk to anybody they could.  The shows were very hastily made but gained a cult following in the city.  Sherman, apparently, was a big fan of the show, and agreed to appear on it repeatedly, despite turning down 90% of interview requests at the time.  She’s someone I knew basically nothing about before seeing the movie, and despite having seen her face probably hundreds of times I wasn’t even sure I’d recognize her.

It helps that H-O and Sherman seem like the two most adorable people ever, and I like the juxtaposition of his hastily assembled public access shows with her intensely detailed photographs.  There’s also interviews with everyone from Danny DeVito and Carol Kane (!) to spooky-looking painter April Hornik and former Artforum editor Ingrid Sischy.

The movie’s playing through Thursday, though Monday we had the rare good/bad experience of being the only two people in the theater.

[image: Cindy Sherman, Untitled, 2008]

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