Potholes 2.0

Perhaps you have recently driven towards the Point Street Bridge under 195. It’s surprising that cars are able to make it through that minefield of potholes with their frames still intact, let alone bicycles.  SeeClickFix is a Google Map that allows people to report city problems (like potholes) and tag them geographically. According to The Next American City, this has been popular in Boston, so maybe it’s time to give it a try in Providence. While the city may be too backlogged or debtlogged to repave the pockmarked roads, or even if they will look at this website, you can at least attempt to guide other bikers and drivers through them.

2 thoughts on “Potholes 2.0”

  1. You guys should try creating a watch area on SeeClickFix for Providence DPW.
    All you need is an email and the town boundaries.
    Also feel free to embed the seeclickfix map for providence in your site:

    User will be able to report right from your site.

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