If You Feel Like Spending This Weekend

More fundraiser stuff:

Tonight FusionWorks Dance Cmpany is having an event called Speak Easy Dance Hard.  Tickets are $50 but space is limited.  There’s a prohibition theme.  Because, you know, nothing’s more fun than the general inability to consume alcohol.  There’s live jazz, and it sounds like a good excuse to use antiquated slang.  It’s at Providence Piers (you know, across from Cheaters) and you can reserve tickets by calling 401-946-0607.

Tomorrow morning there’s a neighborhood yard sale at the East Side YMCA.  It starts at seven, which sounds horribly early, but lasts into the early afternoon.  It’s also the Mount Hope Neighborhood Assocication yard sale, which means that the whole upper east side will be rife with deals.

Tomorrow morning there’s also a fundraiser for Aids Care Ocean State at Method Fitness on Westminster Street.  It’s only fifteen dollars for an hour workout; you just need to bring a towel and water.  I started going to Method about this time last year, and the people there are all wicked nice and helpful.  (FYI: The reason I don’t go there today isn’t their fault. It’s more because I’m a lazy so-and-so who prefers to sit on my fanny eating starches and mayonnaise all day.)

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