Whenever Marion Barry Makes the News…

Marion Barry is back in the limelight, for being the “1,” in the 12-1 vote by the DC City Council to recognize other states’ gay marriages:


(Unfortunately, the only time the world seems to give a hoot about the good people of Ward 8 is when Councilman Barry does something stupid — for instance, the ward’s 80,000 residents just recently !)

Only because it’s so damned strange, whenever Barry’s name pops up I like to point out that for a nationally-renowned buffoon, he’s led one hell of an interesting life — and one that was productive way-back-when.  I’m talking a masters in organic chemistry/first chairman of SNCC/shot near the heart during a Hanafi Muslim terrorist take-over of DC City Hall sort of life.  And stuff like this:

While at LeMoyne, his ardent support of the civil rights movement earned him the nickname “Shep”, in reference to Soviet propagandist Dmitri Shepilov.[1] Barry began using Shepilov as his middle name.

Just sayin’.

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