I Wanna Be The One He’s Kissin’ And Huggin’

If you know me at all on a personal level, you’ve probably heard me complain about fourth grade, when I went to a new school and was traumatized not only by the things that normally traumatize overweight nine-year olds, but also by a really deranged teacher who threw books at us and made us wear her shoes and liked forcing us to say bad things about each other in front of the whole class.

One of the few bright spots of that year was when the kids on my bus had a singing contest.  It was a bright spot for me because I won, beating even favored contestantSarah Rainone. And I won with what I’m sure in retrospect was a very beautiful and stirring rendition of this number:

Because i love you – Stevie B – Stevie B

Stevie B had a number of freestyle hits in the late eighties and early nineties, including In My Eyes, Spring Love, and (best of all) I Wanna Be The One. He played with some regularity at the Rocky Point Palladium, though I was never allowed to go. But now he’s back. He’s got a new record out, and he’ll be playing at, oddly, Waterplace next Thursday. Tickets are $25 and the show starts at 9. Maybe it’s the Cranston in me, but I can not wait for this.

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