And The Future (Of Pride) Is Electric Thirtysomethings?

Those of you that have been reading this blog since last year may remember my consternation that the Pride people spent probably an ungodly amount of money booking 80’s teen starlet Tiffany, a woman who twenty years ago made a name for herself singing songs that other people had previously done much better.

This year, it seems, they’ve heeded my advice, sort of. The entertainment, at least according to this one dude’s unsourced Tumblr page, is going to be Debbie Gibson.


This is a step in the right direction, sort of. Debbie wrote her own songs, and they actually weren’t horrible. To this day I put Only In My Dreams on mixtapes, and Out Of The Blue, while it doesn’t necessarily work with a coffeehouse tabla arrangement, is pretty catchy. On the other hand, the star of Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus was last musically relevant in 1991.* Why can we not celebrate our identities with music from after the first Bush presidency? Really, now. There are people of voting age who were not alive yet the last time Debbie Gibson was in the top 40.

(*Well, she actually had a minor adult contemporary hit just three years ago, with a duet on Jordan Knight’s solo album. But I don’t consider that relevant, because I’ve never heard of it before just now.)

2 thoughts on “And The Future (Of Pride) Is Electric Thirtysomethings?”

  1. Just goes to show another example of how out of touch and commercialized the entire “Pride” organization has become. Where is the political activism, protests demanding equality, etc..?

    At least they now have a sizable headquarters- albeit, down on the piers in the “red light district” of Providence across from the strip clubs and bathhouses in the middle of a dirt industrial lot.

    Unfortunately the folks down at Rhode Island Pride are stuck in the ’80’s.

    Bring your kids, its a family event!

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