Book Signing Monday

cecilandjordan Maker of comics, Gabrielle Bell, will be appearing Monday evening at Ada Books signing her latest collection, Cecil and Jordan in New York, published by Drawn & Quarterly and reviewed by Newsarama.

The eleven short stories that make up Cecil and Jordan In New York: Stories By Gabrielle Bell (Drawn and Quarterly) all flow so effortlessly into one another, and compliment one another so strongly that the experience of reading it was like that of listening to an album.

The songs might have been written over a period of years, come from a variety of inspirations and have been originally put down in different practice spaces and studios in different cities or different countries, but when you listen to them as an album for the first time, they’re part of a seamless, unified whole, and seem like that’s the way they were meant to be all along.

That’s what this book is like.

Word has it that Ms. Bell will be doing something with a digital projector.
7pm, Ada Books, 717 Westminster Street, 432.6222

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