Gloria In Excelcis Diao

Swedish quintet Mando Diao could have stepped straight out of 1965, in the best possible way. Their songs are poppy and to the point, and singer Björn Dixgård performs with all the shouty enthusiasm of Mike Smith from the Dave Clark 5. But they’re not one-dimensional revivalists; their songs are well-crafted and not meant to be laughed at.

Their recent album Give Me Fire went to number one in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, and the very good single “Dance With Somebody” hit the top five in their native Sweden, too. They’re just now releasing the next single, “Gloria,” and it’s amazing. (It’s not a cover of the 1964 Them song, though it has a similarly stylish British Invasion-era feel to it.)


I believe they just out-Jonesed Tom Jones, which I didn’t think was possible. Seriously. I’ve just watched this video three times in a row and I may be swooning as I type this. It’s so wonderful!

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