youkilis Start arranging a looooong lunch break for yourself — Kevin Youkilis is the DH today at McCoy in a matchup with the Bisons.  He is rehabbing with the Paw Sox for a couple of days. (And if you want your kid to go into professional sports, come up with a name that rhymes with ‘boo’ — because then he (or she) will never get his feelings hurt.  Works for Bruce Springsteen too, but I guess no one would pay $200 to boo Bruce Springsteen, although someone should for selling out to Walmart and just because he’s such a fathead.) Don’t know if there are tickets left for today’s game, but the time of day is odd so you might get lucky. The Bisons won last night 9-2, with Youk going 0-for-2 with a walk.

Starts 12:05pm (Clay Buchholz for Pawtucket), Tuesday, McCoy Stadium, Pawtucket (wear a jacket, it’s wicked cold in there)

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