And me without my laughtrack…

It’s called BYOI and it’s a concept I’d like to see applied to so many aspects of my life.  Bring Your Own Improv, and your friends, some drinks; whatever you’d like really, and they’ll bring the comedy.  Wednesdays at 9p and Fridays at 11p just five bucks will get you into the Spot on Thayer for the short form comedy festivities.  From there, the possibilities are endless…  Gansettes and homemade brownies or Fin du Monde and an array of fine cheeses… you can pretty much bring whatever you want if you clean up after yourself.  I wish work had the same mentality.
Oh ya, there’s improv too.  And it’s pretty good actually.  Think Who’s Line but you don’t want to slap most of the cast.  Audience participation is not mandatory but it helps make the occasion more enjoyable and the cast is very supportive to their participants.  That’s really the best part of the whole thing.  The cast is really tight-knit and it shows in their performances.  There are always regulars in the crowd, which helps if the audience is shy, even if there are a few inside jokes thrown into the mix.

All in all, it’s a good time. The Spot is always fun; there are comfortable couches, eye-catching art, the eventual grown man flailing on the ground and you can bring your own beer. This just in… they’ll also be putting on a PG version of the show on the second Friday of every month. That one’s all ages but you can’t bring booze. No worries though, the $10 cover gets you into the late night show too!

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