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Elvis Costello is an amazing musician, but I sometimes forget about him without prompts (like Blizzard of ’78’s great cover last weekend), and I gave up too easily after Santa failed to bring Mr. Costello’s “Best Of: The First Ten Years” the past two Christmases.

Now today I see an interview with Mr. Costello that reveals what everyone but me probably knew:

His latest, country-inflected CD, Secret, Profane and Sugarcane, features a duet with Emmylou Harris and a tune co-written with country legend Loretta Lynn.

I’m not an overt country fan, but you seriously can’t go wrong with Emmylou Harris or Loretta Lynn.  The album comes out June 2nd.  Lucky me, I have a June birthday and a spouse who complains that I never want anything.

[Oh, and I’m tickled that Elvis, like me, isn’t quick to embrace digital music, but sad that he’s considering offering only vinyl or MP3s of future albums.  I like CDs, dammit.  Luckily, I like records, too.]


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