The Laughs Just Keep Coming

The National Organization for Marriage has a new commercial out, titled I’m Confused.  While it sadly doesn’t involve people puking black ooze like the Handsome Furs video of the same name, it is apparently very terrifying to certain segments of society.


See, this ad works on the idea that gay marriage is bad because it confuses children.  Because obviously things that confuse children are very, very bad.  Like multiplication.  Or any part of the Jesus story.  Or knowing how to properly use a Kleenex and not shoving your boogers under any and every table.

I don’t know, NOM, you might want to try a little harder next time.

3 thoughts on “The Laughs Just Keep Coming”

  1. touche monsieur frymaster. I shall go forth and teach my own 4.5 year old in all matters of black or white. yes or no. right or wrong. Without the need for so much explanation, parenting will be much easier.

  2. Nicole, when will you realize that all public policy in the US needs to be comprehensible to a 4-year-old child.

    “Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell” – Well, that couldn’t be clearer.

    “You’re either with us, or your with the terrorists” – Even I can understand that one.

    “(random occurrence) – taxes are too high” – That kind of thinking is why the GOP swept both houses last cycle.

    You liberals and your “both sides of the issue” and your “nuanced arguments” and your “equal opportunities for everyone” are what’s bringing this country down.

  3. Agh! And they’re playing it to my home state of NH. You know what else confuses kids that age? Mommy and daddy living in different houses after a divorce, mommy having a new boyfriend or daddy having a new girlfriend.

    This is the lamest argument ever.

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