Congrats To Bob & Timmy

Bob & Timmy's They have just been named one of the best 25 pizzas in the country by GQ Magazine, even getting a mention on the Today Show. Writing for the June issue, Alan Richman expressed a preference for the pizza with “three cheeses, the dominant one being feta, which adds tang and saltiness”. (Attention GQ, for a style mag your website looks like hell. Sans serif? Really?)

Bob & Timmy’s, Monday to Sunday 11am to 10pm, 32 Spruce Street, 453.2221

7 thoughts on “Congrats To Bob & Timmy”

  1. Al Forno is a legacy choice because they popularized wood-grilled pizza in the U.S.. Richman fails to mention them at his own peril, out of fear of no longer getting a table when he’s in Providence.

    Very glad to see that Galleria Umberto on Hanover St. in boston got a mention. Their Arancini are the best.

  2. Oh, thank God. Somebody told me it was Tommy’s that made the list.

    And what are you people talking about? Bob & Timmy’s is definitely absolutely for sure my favorite pizza in Providence.

  3. Agreed. It definitely does not deserve to be that high on the list – and also, how did Al Forno only get placed at #18?!

  4. I agree with Ted Rao, Tommy’s Pizza far out tastes Bob & Timmy’s.

  5. I have eaten at Bob & Timmy’s several times over the years, and while it is good, it in no ways qualifies for best pizza in RI, let alone the United States. I think that it’s popularity among food writers like Alan Richman (who I really like) comes from its proximity to the other destinations on Federal Hill. Tommy’s Pizza forever!!!

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