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Since I don’t live on the East Side, I don’t often have reason to go to East Side Market. (Well, unless I’m out of mayonnaise.  They carry Otto Seidner’s there, which is the most amazingly delicious mayonnaise that has ever existed, and I can’t find it anywhere else.  It’s locally made and could kick the crap out of anything you can get at Stop and Shop or Whole Foods.  But I digress.)

But tonight you’ll definitely want to stop by the market to stockpile fatty condiments see the performance by Jump!.  Jump!, if you weren’t aware, is a collaborative kids’ dance troupe; the girls do a lot of their own choreography, and their moves are often surprisingly dark and creepy.  (Seriously, it’s not every day that we recommend a kids’ dance company as a must-see.  Trust us.)

They start at 8, and they’ll be joined by some breakdancing supermarket employees.

East Side Market
165 Pitman St
tonight, 8pm

7 thoughts on “Supermarket Sweep”

  1. Lorraine Little

    How can I get Seidners Mayo up to Maine, I remember it as being sooo, good as a kid.and have been looking for it again,,

  2. Barbara O'Brien

    Just found Seidner’s mayo at Big Y in Groton, CT. Just as yummy as always. Nothing like it.

  3. john castriotta

    Will somebody please pass the G.D. mayonnaise! We ALL want it, we ALL gotta have it so where the h___ is it all and who’s got it??? C’mon someone anyone?

  4. Help! Am desperate to find Seidner’s mayo. Iive in CT and grew up on it. Haven’t been able to find it in years. Normally don’t like mayo.

  5. sue mccarthy

    You can also buy Otto Seidners @ Daves Marketplace.I agree it is the best out there.

  6. The dancing was awesome, but I couldn’t find the mayonnaise! Is it hidden?

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