Shake Your Love On Over To Westminster St. Tonight


So, tonight is David’s big fundraiser, but if for some reason you can’t make it over to Nick-A-Nee’s, or if you want to party-hop or whatever, it’s also the opening of Gallery Q in the Westminster Street location previously occupied by Butterfield (which is in Wayland Square now, if you were wondering.)  

Gallery Q is the art component to this year’s Pride Festival.  While I generally loathe the Pride art shows with all of my being, I’ve been told this one might be a little more interesting; the programming is, at least.  There’s some sort of Queer Lit (?) happening tonight, and over the next two weeks there’s panel discussions and stuff.  Check this un-proofread postcard for more deets.

Also downtown today, there’s the grand opening of Kennedy Plaza’s summer season.  That starts at the skating rink at five and there’s supposed to be food and music and other stuff.  Both events are free.

So, you know, you should check them out either before or after but not instead of David’s fundraiser.

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