Homer Would Be Jealous

doughnut-cakeSaturdays are great for farmers’ markets right now, so there’s no excuse not to eat some healthy greeens.  But Sundays were always doughnut day when I was a kid, and I still crave that deep-fried goodness from time to time.  Enter Allie’s Donuts.

Sure, Allie is among the many baked good specialists who possess an inability to spell the word “doughnut” correctly, but I’m finding it awfully hard to hold that against Allie when he or she has perfected 31 flavors (oh, suck it, Baskin Robbins) and run his or her shop for 41 years.  A co-worker brought in one of Allie’s famous doughnut—excuse me, donut—cakes a couple weeks ago, packed like pizza in a giant cardboard box, and I was lucky to snap this photo just seconds before greedy hands snatched what remained.

I’m genuinely impressed that something this big can be fried and 1) keep that lovely round shape and 2) be consistently delicious (no over-crisp outside or undercooked inside).  The frosting was super-sugary goodness, and ample jimmies provided colorful crunch.

Oh, but there’s more, the co-workers informed me (which is gross, as they were still chewing at the time).  Allie’s doughnut—donut—cakes come in all different shapes and styles.  And they’re right: there are photos on Allie’s MySpace page of some slightly oddball, but no doubt delicious, such cakes.  (Er, did I mention my birthday’s this month?)

The only caveat is that Allie’s seems to be open Mondays-Wednesdays from 5 a.m.-3 p.m. only, which kind of kills my Sundays-are-for-doughnuts decree. (If that’s incorrect, let me know; I’m only going by what I can find on the interwebs.) One blessing: we Providence folks don’t need to drive all the way to South County for an Allie’s fix. We can pick up doughnuts and even order an official Allie’s doughnut cake at East Side Creamery. Joy!

Allie’s Donuts, 3661 Quaker Lane (Rt. 2), North Kingstown

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  1. Anne Drescher

    A second note: Our hours are Mon thru Friday 5am -3pm Sat and Sun 6am -1pm

  2. Anne Drescher

    Allie’s is and has always been open on Saturday
    6am until 1pm. there was a time about 12 years ago that Allie’s was closed on Sunday’s,,,But for the last 11 years we have been open on Sundays from 6am until 1pm, We close on Thanksgiving Day, Easter, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. Being a family business there are times when we choose to be closed Memorial Day,,, July 4th ,,and Labor Day, This year we did close for Memorial Day , however we will be open on the 4th of July, Not sure about Labor Day.,..it depends on our employee situations and how worn out we are . We thank you for your kind words…and also your dedication to our little business, ,,, Proudly, Anne Drescher owner of Allie’s Donuts Inc. oh,, by the way,, we are not spelling it wrong,,,it is just how we spell it, Peace to all … Anne

  3. NO WORRIES, they are open EVERY day of the week! Sunday is definitely their busiest day. The owners, Bud and Anne Drescher, carry on Anne’s father’s (Allie) tradition. And yes, she made me an awesome donut cake for my birthday in the shape of a COSMOPOLITAN MARTINI!!!! Nothing comes close to being better than that on a birthday! NOTE: One holiday they are not open is Easter Sunday so the line on the Saturday before is lonnnng. But their staff is terrific.

  4. Not open on Sundays? Really? We used to always stop there on the way to the beach!

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