Grrrls! Grrrls! Grrrls!


Saturday Machines With Magnets is hosting a benefit for GRR!, a brand-new rock camp for the ladies.  Over the course of the camp, girls can work on their musicianship, form a band, write a song, and perform.  (Possibly if they end up as good as the Bangles up there they’ll even get wildly famous and have the chance for creepy superstar musicians of the past to make awkward cameos in their videos, before uncomfortably breaking up after their label singles one singer out as the lead even though all of them sang.*) There’s a camp for grown ladies starting later on this summer, and the camp for girls 11-18 will launch in 2010.

At 4pm on Friday there’s a free screening of Girls Rock! The Movie. Saturday at 6pm there’s an art opening with work by fifteen local artists, and then at 8 there’s a rock show featuring Made In Mexico, These Are Powers, Javelin, Grass Widow, Querent, and Cathy Cathodic.

Machines With Magnets
$8 (or free with donation of equipment)
400 Main St., Pawtucket, RI

(*Seriously, though, Walking Down Your Street is one of the most underappreciated songs ever, and could totally kick the crap out of wimpy Manic Monday.  And the Bangles don’t get half the respect they should.)

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  1. I took the liberty of changing that to ‘Friday’ on the front page, Matthew. And btw, Cathy Cathodic puts on a super show. Exciting music and she has weird-ass films from the 50’s projected on the wall. Never a dull moment.

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