Music Weekend (Plus Monday)

father murphy Friday@The Blackstone, the ‘Mericans, The Wrong Reasons, Annie Bacon @AS220,Father Murphy (di Torino! Ciao!) Israel M, Blevin Blectum (she plays Scrabble sometimes), and Shawn Greenlee @Firehouse 13, Black Tree Burn, Worth the Weight, Semester Abroad, Big Tall Buildings, Mile @Lupo’s, A Faylene Sky, The Intel, Scare Don’t Fear, Acerose @Jerky’s, Someday Providence, Ballyhoo, The B Foundation, For The Love of Sloane

Saturday@AS220,Bogus Trizzy, Shryne, With All Due Respect, and Black Tree Burn @The Blackstone, Route .44, VulGarrity, Milquetoast and Co. @Machines With Magnets, Made In Mexico, These Are Powers, Javelin, Grass Widow, Querent, and Cathy Cathodic (see below)

Sunday@The Blackstone, Fish Out Of Water @Jerky’s Battle of the Bands, including Roz Raskin and the Rice Cakes (go Roz)

Monday@AS220,White Mice, Coathangers, and Science for the People

5 thoughts on “Music Weekend (Plus Monday)”

  1. Wait a minute… MwM we already got covered. See Matthew’s comprehensive post below.

  2. There’s also a benefit saturday, June 13th, for Girlsrock RI camp at Machines With Magnets. Starts at 8 and has bands like Made In Mexico, Javelin, These Are Powers and Cathy Cathodic playing. 8 bucks or free with donation of working musical equipment.

  3. What about the Providence Arts Festival on Westminster St this Saturday? It’s like the Thayer Street arts festival you might remember from when Thayer Street had an arts festival. Bands such as Triangle Forest, Alec Redfern, Orcabeat, Detroit Rebellion. The arts festival is all day, the music is from 1-4pm.

  4. You forgot one!

    Made in Mexico (PVD)
    These Are Powers (NYC)
    Javelin (NYC, ex-PVD)
    Grass Widow (SF)
    Querent (PVD)
    Cathy Cathodic (MA)
    + HPVD Dance Troupe
    + Projections by Dearraindrop

    Contact: info at girlsrockri dot org

    This is a benefit art and rock show for Girls Rock! Rhode Island! There will be great raffle prizes to be won (like a guitar, and gift certificates to all of your favorite local establishments) and fun will be had by all! 6pm ARTWORK for sale by awesome people like: Rich DeSimone Jim Frain Jo Dery Katie Truskoski Kendra Plumley Jackie Hoving Jen Corace Jennifer Hrabota Lesser Pippi Zornoza Meredith Stern Delia Kovac + more! Rock show doors open at 8pm, show at 9pm! For more info visit! Girls Rock! Rhode Island (GRR!) is a new organization in town that wants to bring the rock, to two groups who are generally not encouraged to rock– girls and women. GRR! will hold camps during which girls and women of all skill levels can learn guitar, bass, drums, vocals, or other instruments. Campers will also form a band, write an original song, and perform, and learn other positive skills. The Ladies Rock Camp for adult women will kick off THIS! summer 2009, and we’re planning a Girls Rock Camp for girls 11-18 in summer 2010.

    6pm – $8 or FREE with donation of working musical equipment

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