There Is A Season (Burn, Burn, Burn)

Assuming that tomorrow is less revoltingly humid and miserable than today, you might want to check out two exciting outdoor events happening outside the city.

First is the Gaspee Days parade, which runs along Broad Street through Pawtuxet Village on the Cranston-Warwick line.*  It’s a doozy, with lots of guns and cannons and fifes and drums and Shriners and, as a grand finale, a band of Mummers.  I went every year as a kid and had no idea until many years later that Mummers aren’t a fixture of every parade.  (Sadly, my plans to start up a fife and drum corps that only performs Smiths songs has yet to come to fruition.  Maybe next year!)

Gaspee Days is a month-long festival commemmorates the burning of the Gaspee, when a bunch of drunk colonists serized a British schooner and set it on fire in Narragansett Bay.  On Sunday they’ll be re-enacting the burning, something they do every year but which for some reason I’ve never actually seen.

If you feel like traveling a little further out of town, the Washington County Fairground in Richmond will be site of the Rhode Island Scottish Highland Festival, which runs from 9-5 tomorrow.  Among other things, there’s going to be dancing, a bagpipe competition, something called a Haggis Hurl, caber tossing, something called a Wellington Boot Toss, dogs herding sheep, and something called Scottish food.

After the jump, my all-time favorite use of bagpipes in a disco song.


That’s Kelly Marie, who had a major hit in the US with the excellent Feels Like I’m In Love; Hot Love didn’t do quite so well here, although it did reach #22 in the UK.

(*Wooo, Cranston!)

[Screen shot from Nintendo’s World Games, which is how I got excited about caber tossing at a very young age.]

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