It’s Supposed To Be Unbreakable

Uggh.  It’s five AM and I’m wide awake. Not because I’ve been out on a raging bender (I haven’t), but because some drunk jackass thought it would be a good idea to stand in the middle of the street yelling “WOOOOOOOO!” over and over at 3:30 AM.  That, and I fell asleep watching the channel that only shows Tony Petrarca on an endless loop, and then when the WOOOOO! man woke me up I got totally sucked into the Doppler 12000 and now my chances of a good night’s rest are slim to none.

Anyway. That doesn’t concern you.  But I thought I’d take this opportunity, if people were going to be WOOOOOO!-ing a lot, to at least present something worth WOOOOOO!-ing about.  So here’s Mpho, my new girlfriend, with her debut single Box N Locks.  I’ve been playing it more or less constantly for about three weeks now, and I’m officially declaring it a Really Hot Summer Jam.  Only time will tell whether this will be the sort of Really Hot Summer Jam that’s wonderfully inescapable or the kind that’s a summer jam to me and me alone, though realistically I’m guessing it’s going to be the latter.  I’m not sure Americans are quite ready for black female pop singers whose first names start with three consonants.


The sample, if you were curious, is Martha and the Muffins’ Echo Beach, which only happens to be one of my favorite songs ever


I love how this song sounds like it’s going to be all sullen and mid-tempo, but then lo and behold there’s that enormous sax freakout in the middle.  I also like how the keyboards sound like a lot of New Zealand bands from later in the eighties–wooooooo, Able Tasmans!–though this song came out in 1980 and the group came from Canada.  It was a big hit in their native country, winning the Juno  Award (basically the Canadian Grammy) for Single of the Year, though in a really weird tie that year it had to share the honor with Anne Murray’s drecky Could I Have This Dance.

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