Programming Note/Double Feature

jerri blank Comedy Central is running Strangers with Candy — The Movie tonight at 11pm. They have been running episodes of the original series this week. The movie was not well-received initially, the most common sentiment expressed being “I really wanted to love this movie, but…”. Well, I really wanted to love this movie and I did. Directed by Paul Dinello (why isn’t he huge?) and starring the awesome Amy Sedaris and a younger, gayer Stephen Colbert, this film exposes the dark underbelly of Science Fair Projects, finally! Another movie in need of a larger audience is Let’s Go To Prison featuring an Oscar-worthy performance by Will Arnett, and that will be on at 9pm. This one is totally perverse; I liked it a lot. With TV this good, why leave the house?

Saturday, 9pm, Let’s Go To Prison/11pm, Strangers With Candy — The Movie

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