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low anthem Look who got a mention in today’s New York Times!  “Oh My God, Charlie Darwin” by the Low Anthem was a selection for this week’s Critics’ Choice; new CD’s. Happiest with the down tempo cuts, Jon Pareles writes

. . . the quieter the music gets, in an elegy like “To Ohio” or a conditional reassurance like “(Don’t) Tremble,” the more its music inhabits its own otherworldly place, where ghosts and angels hover just out of view.

Congratulations, and thank you Low Anthem, for getting Providence mentioned in the national media for something other than . . . you know.

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  1. Bought their CD on iTunes a month ago and it’s been heavy in the rotation ever since. great stuff. this is Providence that i can believe in.

  2. Also, they are some of the nicest folks I’ve ever met! Best of luck to them…

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