Always Thinking Of The Children

Weasel Tracks While vetoing the marijuana-dispensary legislation, Republican Governor Don Carcieri expressed concern that it “…will no doubt result in increased usage, and will negatively impact the children of Rhode Island.” (The Senate and House both voted today to override the veto. Under the law, the Rhode Island Department of Health will license a non-profit compassion center to grow and distribute medical marijuana for licensed patients.)

The Saturday Providence Journal placed Katherine Gregg’s front page story of Carcieri’s veto right above another piece (also by Gregg)  — “‘Voluntary’ consultant to get $370,000″ — exposing the fee obtained by the Boston consulting firm The Lucas Group for its supposedly pro bono efforts in securing the federal Medicaid waiver. The Lucas partnership has connections (surprise, surprise) to a  newly confirmed executive appointee, Gary Alexander, new chief of health and human services. This reporting by Gregg has kicked off calls by Lt. Governor Roberts and Attorney General Lynch for an investigation into what was essentially a no-bid no-contract, and should serve to remind us all why we need a real newspaper in this town. [Today’s ProJo]

Hey Governor, you know what might negatively impact the children of Rhode Island? Giving away the store to your ‘volunteer’ friends while cutting social programs.

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  1. It seems more and more that Don’s entire administration is just part of his personal career planning. It does little good for the majority of state residents, and he’s got almost nothing to gain politically at this point. So I can’t help but wonder if all this wheeling and dealing could be padding his next chair in some big-ticket law firm. Sometimes I can’t help but feel that he isn’t just out of touch with reality, but in fact has genuine contempt for the majority of other people.

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