Let’s Be Gay

pride parade It seems worth mentioning again that downtown Providence is going to be quite busy today with Pridefest.  It got a brief mention here by the correspondent most qualified to comment, but Matthew gets so caught up in the relative merits of the talent portion of the program (and how it might reflect on him) that he neglected to give the details of the day to people who may wish to attend (or avoid) the celebration. (They should let Matthew pick the music next year. It appears he is going to allow himself to enjoy ‘Deborah’ Gibson, if only for not being Tiffany.) Also on tap is the best coffee in the world from Blue State Coffee — say ‘hi’ to Rob and Mitchell. And on a personal note: I accidentally got caught up in the illuminated parade once and it turned out to be a blast! More events on Sunday. [RI Pride]

noon to 8:30pm, Saturday, party and music, Station Park across from the mall, parade starts 8:30pm

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  1. Thanks also to everyone to stopped by the MERI booth or talked to one of us walking about with a clipboard, for filling out a legislative postcard. (And also to those who signed the big map!) This effort will let legislators better understand that constituents care about marriage equality. (I think most of them understand that each constituent they hear from speaks for many more.)

    With the governorship changing hands in a couple years, likely to a much more supportive person, it’s possible that we only need to win over a majority of legislators at this point.

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