The Final Loaded!


Friends, the end is nigh: tomorrow’s LOADED! will be the very last. For almost two years it has been our pleasure to share with you our record collection and to dance and drink away the pain of having worked a whole two days into the week, and we would be honored if you could make it out one last time to hear all the awesome shit we’ve enjoyed playing for you lo these many months. It’s been a struggle, Tuesdays have always been a little early in the week to start drinking seven dollar goddamn rum ‘n cokes, and the fact that most of you are now unemployed doesn’t make it any easier, we know, and we’ve always appreciated you guys coming down as well as the fantastic staff at Local 121. There have been some great times, and we’ll never forget that historic Tuesday when, because of our impeccable song selection and choreographed dance moves, we elected Barack Obama President of The Universe Forever. So, find it in your hearts to come down one last time and throw some money around like you have it, and we’ll promise to knock the socks off your ass with the purest-driven indie rock, Britpop, glam, punk, Brazilian psychedelia, yacht rock, afrosurf, and all that other shit you guys request, and just maybe we’ll show Mr. Miller what he’s gonna miss. Thanks guys, see you at LOADED! 121 Washington st, Tuesday, 10pm ’til 1, FREE!

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