Mother, What A Lover.

As previously noted, last night was the final installment of LOADED, the Britpop-heavy night at Local 121 that Eric’s been co-DJ-ing for the past two years or so.  Despite the fact that I’m downtown a lot on Tuesdays and also am probably the only person in this city besides Eric to fully appreciate Menswe@r, I only ever got down there a couple times.  Last night I was lucky enough to dance my patootie off one last time, though, and boy oh boy if I wasn’t thrilled to publicly rock out to one of my all-time favorite songs, Rod Stewart’s Maggie May.*

But, in honor of the fact that the British sounds of the nineties are slowly fading from memory now, here’s the Blur version, which was a b-side to their Chemical World single back in 1993.  I actually like it about the same as the original, which is to say a whole lot.


(*Okay, I know Rod Stewart is kind of the worst thing ever these days, but he really did have a couple of good singles back before he got all old-farty.  This one, for instance, and Young Turks.  And, um, I don’t know… Maybe there were some others.)

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  1. Lisa Maloney

    Eric, Rod wrote Maggie May with Martin Quittenton (Faces/Steamhammer). It was a Faces song and of course Rod was singing it. He became famous for it and sung it as a solo artist as well. And yes Five Guys Walk Into A Bar is a must box set to buy.

  2. Early Rod is great, I would recommend checking out the Faces box set “Five Guys Walk Into A Bar” as it’s a blistering tour-de-force of primal sweaty blues and hard rock with Rod on vocals taking over for Ronnie Lane of the Small Faces. This is the band that gave us Maggie May, don’t forget, as it was a Faces song before Rod did it a little more middle of the road. Awesome story: I don’t remember which American late-60’s musician said this, but it was a recognizable name, when the Faces first came on American radio in the early 70’s or whenever, nobody believed that Rod Stewart wasn’t black.

  3. I wanted to jump in and defend the early stuff but lacked the courage, but now I seem to have company. The first Jeff Beck album ‘Truth’ was amazing and so were the Faces.

  4. I stand corrected. Jeff Beck’s first album with some drunken Scot named Rod Stewart on vocals. Thanks for the correction. OK Gasoline Alley is pretty awesome, I guess I’m still a little weary of admitting that the current Rod could’ve ever done any of that great rock n roll.

  5. Sue, do you mean Jeff Beck’s first record with Rod on vox, Ronnie Wood on bass and guitar, and some guy named JP Jones on organ and bass?

    Who else…? Jimmy Page, Keith Moon, Micky Waller, Nicky Hopkins… It’s kind of stupid how many awesome musicians were in that scene.

  6. lisa maloney

    Gasoline Alley was better than pretty good it’s awesome. Better still pick up the box set of the Faces.
    Just because Rod has sucked for years does not erase the fact he kicked ass and fronted one of the greatest rock and roll bands ever the Faces.

  7. Rod the Mod totally sucks now but his entire first album (with Jeff Beck on guitar) was cool. His stuff with the Faces was cool. Gasoline Alley was pretty good. He was an ugly Scot with a cool raspy, rock n roll voice back in the day.

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