Scrabble Wednesdays

omg hoodie Okay, the weather still stinks. Why not stay warm and dry and play Scrabble tonight at Blue State Coffee. This is an unsanctioned gathering of people with boards, so no dues and no timers (unless you want). Bring paper and pencils for keeping score. Sidearms will be confiscated at the door as arguments will arise. All challenges will be settled with the Official Scrabble Word List (we don’t care if you are an English major, and read a book once where it said blah, blah, blah . . . we must have certainty and finality). No table service, you order food and drink at the register next to the tip jar. (This hoodie for sale by Word Gear at the NSA website.)

6pm to 10pm closing, Wednesdays, Blue State Coffee, 300 Thayer Street

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