RIP Michael Jackson

I can’t say I was actually a fan of much he did after the age of fourteen or so.  This one gets me every time, though, and obviously he was hugely inspirational to millions of people with warmer hearts than mine:


(TMZ/the entirety of Twitter is reporting this.  The LA Times and CNN are both still waiting for a formal announcement, though obviously it’s not looking good.)

UPDATE: It’s true.

9 thoughts on “RIP Michael Jackson”

  1. Does anyone know if any clubs–Jerky’s, Black Rep, etc. will be hosting a tribute dance party night?

  2. Jesse from Cranston

    Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson. Major star death trifecta complete.

  3. Lets all get together tonight at burnside park in providence to pay tribute to michael jackson, bring candles, music, memorabilia, and your spirit to honor his spirit. Tell your fellow michael jackson fans, spread the word, craigslist, facebook. I have a group there for it

    email me at thetwilight kidd @ gmail

    (remove the space between thetwilight and kidd, its all one word

  4. There wasn’t and probably will never be anyone who can match him in terms of worldwide recognition, mainstream appeal and the passion he aroused, no matter where you stand. Sad to see it end this way.

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