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  • //” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Reps Gemma and Almeida duke it out. Reads like it’s the East Side Monthly (minus the typos) but it’s actually in the New York Freaking Times.
  • Rep. Mike Rice tells NPR why he’s against it (though he voted to put it on the ballot).
  • And, the pro-gay, pro-pot, pro-prostitution Peanut Gallery has never been terribly sensitive to issues of race and thinks the change “is ridiculous” at a 9-to-1 clip:

How much of America do they want to take away? Why don’t we just call this little mexico – I am sorry but enough is enough. THINGS SHOULD STAY THE SAME – IT ISN’T HURTING FRIGGIN ANYONE. “IN GOD WE TRUST” GOD BLESS AMERICA. IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE AMERICAN THEN GO HOME

Drawing from Hilary Falb, of the Indy.

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  1. Writing is my hobby, Marc, and, based on your comment, it’s not surprising that both Wie and I misread your meaning. When you refer to “that law”, the only legal reference in your comment was RvW. I, for one, had no idea that we actually have a ‘symbolic’ law making abortion illegal. Now I do, and I’m none the better for it.

    And, no, Dave, it’s not in any way clear what Marc is on about. Based on his actual words, Wie and I make the only logical conclusion.

    So, um, more explaining to the ignorant, please, and less assuming that we know what you know.

  2. Thanks Dave. Wie, I know that Roe vs. Wade isn’t a law… I study constitutional law as a bit of a hobby, so I’ve investigated the issue in-depth.

    Check out:

    I believe that the law in Rhode Island bans abortions, and Roe vs. Wade invalidates that particular section of law.

    If Roe were to be overturned, abortion would be instantly illegal in Rhode Island, and I think that’s pretty out-of-touch with the values of most Rhode Islanders.

    Since RILIN won’t let me view the actual law, I can’t be -entirely- sure. See this:

  3. His comment makes it pretty clear that he understands that Roe v Wade isn’t a law, and that it’s the phenomenon that declared laws banning abortion unconstitutional…

    Though I don’t believe that we have a local (unconstitutional) law that bans abortion and is in need of repeal — we just don’t have a local law that actively affirms that it’s a right. (And we do have some restrictions, in the form of spousal notification and informed consent requirements.)

  4. Wow, You’re not even smart enough to know that Roe Vs. Wade is not a law.

    Do you live in America? ‘Cause if you do you don’t seem to have a working knowledge of its Government.

  5. I think this highlights the gaping disconnect between the average Rhode Islander and the Legislature more than anything else.

    Anyone else find it disturbing that the only reason it’s legal to get an abortion here is Roe vs. Wade? Shouldn’t that law get actually repealed instead of just blotted-out as unconstitutional?

  6. Maybe Brown University should pay their 300+ years of back taxes before we change the RI name.

    We have all been slaving for a school that doesn’t pay its taxes and was started by the slave trade.

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