If You Could See The Sky

dawn sky July 1It might go something like this. And maybe some day you can look at it through the new telescope at the Margaret Jacoby Observatory at CCRI.  Algol is from the Arabic ‘The Ghoul’ because it was spooky or something, and The Pleiades is a true star group (not a constellation) known in Japan as Subaru which explains the logo of the car by the same name.  At any rate, the observatory did finally manage to pop the cherry on its new toy on June 17th at its First Light party, when apparently the clouds parted (although I have no memory of such a cataclysmic event). Tonight is another scheduled open house, but the observatory would not be opened under rainy skies. Check the website for weather updates.  Check out Sky & Telescope for cool news, including how to impress your friends on the Fourth of July while waiting for the fireworks.

Open House (weather permitting) 9pm to 11:30pm, Wednesday, CCRI, Knight Campus

3 thoughts on “If You Could See The Sky”

  1. stefan michael ziewacz

    Man, at 7:29 in the morning I sure am a prudish ass. Pay no attention to the old man yelling at those fading stars.

  2. I’m not even sure it makes sense. I was just trying to be provocative and appeal to the ‘men 18 -34’ demographic…for marketing purposes you understand.

  3. stefan michael ziewacz

    “pop the cherry on its new toy…”
    Really? Couldn’t you try just a little harder? Or, with the clouds parting, is this the imagery you were going for?

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