Guess Those Plants You Haven’t Watered Will Still Make It

j0386528I was eyeing rainboots at Berk’s and Spectrum-India the other night, but then I thought, would I really wear these, even if they have little skulls and crossbones on them?, and walked away.  What a dummy.  Now, with this crappy weather streak, I’m soaked from toes to bum for walking a measly 3 blocks downtown earlier this morning, and even borrowing a hairdryer from a (strangely prepared) co-worker hasn’t alleviated my misery.  Another colleague is trapped in flooded Warren and is snapping cell phone photos of cars and homes flooded up to their doors.  Bottom line: if you must be out and about today, a full-body poncho wouldn’t be a bad idea.  Or maybe an ark.

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  1. I walked two blocks this morning and was soaked from the waist down. I had to go back home and change than come back. Pretty demoralizing.

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