Jersey Girls

I’m not sure whether the teenaged versions of our beloved-yet-MIA-for-many-many-months-now Jersey Girls appear in the 1994 documentary Wildwood, NJ, but I sure hope so!  The ever-amazing Rich Juzwiak from fourfour has compiled a four-minute montage of clips from what appears to be the most amazing movie ever:


I can’t even pick a favorite.  I was going to say Michigan-sweatshirt Girl, but then I remembered Fake-Nails Girl, and Payphone-Girl at the end.

4 thoughts on “Jersey Girls”

  1. Oh my God…I actually KNOW one of those young ladies. Chrissy Widhson, black leather jacket, curly hair (2:31). Her grandparents owned the beach house next door to ours on LBI. Nice girl…no idea what she was doing with that scrapper chick. Haven’t talked to her in about 20 years but I bet she would die if she saw this.

  2. Mark Sawtelle

    Yeah, I’m from Jersey, and more familiar with Seaside Heights (way north of Wildwood). Similarly remarkable young ladies there.

  3. Oh my . . . this is one of the reasons I couldn’t wait to move out of NJ. Is it bad that a part of my brain thought “Oh, that accent is so South Jersey.”

  4. I am so glad I watched this. Now I know how to protect myself: NEVER GO TO JERSEY.

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