You’re A Grand Old Bag

cohan Somewhere under this festive and elegant bunting is a statue of George M. Cohan (judging from the size, age 14 months). All will be revealed tomorrow as the city kicks off a weekend honoring composer and native son George M. Cohan. Head over to the east end of Wickenden Street at 6:30pm for the ceremony.

A sculpture of Cohan, created by Robert Shure, will be unveiled. The Navy Band Northeast Ceremonial Band will perform, as will singer Ian O’Brian and jazz musician Mike Miller.

Mayor David Cicilline will declare July 3 as George M. Cohan Day, and bestow the first annual George M. Cohan Award for Excellence in Art and Culture to Curt Columbus, artistic director of Trinity Repertory Company.

This is that little plaza in front of Reflections and across from Rustigian Rugs. I’m not optimistic, Shure is a sentimental hack. More fun events on Saturday. [Details at The ProJo]

6:30pm, Friday, Wickenden at Governor Street

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  1. matthew lawrence

    I’m kind of excited about that ice cream place in the background, though. As long as their ice cream is better than the coffee at Reflections.

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