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screaming at phone Attention Cox: my phone service went out on Thursday. Happily, my computer is still up and running so I thought it would be a very simple matter of going online to your website and clicking on ‘report a problem’ somewhere. If such a page/link exists I cannot find it. There is also no useful help on the newly redesigned bill statement. (Ooh, it’s just lovely, thank you guys.) If a Cox representative is reading this, please fix my phone service — you know my number. (And I know the fastest way for me to fix the problem involves making some brand new friends in the digital age.)

[Update: I have been contacted and have a 10:30am appointment for Monday. Meanwhile I am getting the caller id notice on my TV screen of people trying to call me which is kind of weird.]

4 thoughts on “Just Fix It”

  1. service at COX has been so awful that i have resorted to walking in with a running video camera to every bill payment simply because they LIE TO MY FACE EVERY TIME.

    I am sick of those Coxsuckers

  2. I’ve had poor luck sorting things out online with Cox, but much better luck in person. They have a number of offices around. I go to the one in Wanskuck, but I know there are others.

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