“Justice Bends…”

http://toppun.com/Martin-Luther-King/moral-arc-of-universe-bends-elbow-justice.gifPerhaps the quote’s a tad over-used… and my regression models have yet to confirm its veracity.  But Mike Van Leesten’s letter is right on point, as he calls attention to Rhode Island’s backwards probation laws, which we think we’re getting closer to changing — hopefully once-and-for-all come our mid-summer session.

Having grown up and lived in Providence all of my life, I have witnessed many injustices long forgotten. This is one that is a vivid memory. I write now to call attention to a letter I wrote over 25 years ago, about an injustice in our court system that can no longer be ignored.

In 1981, as the executive director of the Opportunities Industrialization Center of Rhode Island (OIC), I wrote a letter to the Department of the Attorney General regarding John Prince, who was an active student in our program. We were made aware that John Prince was charged with a burglary in Barrington at a time that he clearly was participating in one of our classes in Providence.

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