Landline Blues or Kiss My Bundle (Goodbye?)

candlestick phone Yes, they still exist. But I think it’s only a matter of time. I will try to be brief and fair regarding my recent phone problem. My phone first went out on Tuesday July 2nd, but I didn’t think to act on it because the message callers were getting was “. . . phone service is out in the area” which was not at all true, unless by ‘area’ they meant ‘couch’. So that message was not helpful. I finally caught on and went to register the problem at the Cox website to arrange a service appointment which you can not do.

So I blogged about how annoying that was and was contacted shortly via email by the public relations director. But most people don’t have blogs so that’s not fair. The technician came 90 minutes later than promised of course, but — attention efficiency coordinator — every time he had to call his office, he had to wait through the long recorded message! How many times a day does he have to hear about the new Will Ferrell movie on Starz? Ultimately the line was restored (Monday July 6th) and the public relations director emailed to apologize for my inconvenience and said a few movie vouchers would be in the mail for my troubles.

Okaaaay, but I had to make one more call today to get my next bill adjusted down for the loss of service — why didn’t you take care of that? (Having said that, that call was quick and painless. Give Christine a raise.) So, to the Cox Retention Coordinator, you have some work to do. There’s real competition now.

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  1. Kathryn Tomasek

    Sad story, Beth. Here’s some info for folks who want to toss the landline for a new iPhone–Cox has trouble letting go of numbers. Or that’s been my experience since June 19….

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