LOADED! Returns For Sound Session Wednesday

Our long running and recently cancelled night of excellent britpop, indie rock and 80’s classics has found a reprieve or sorts at the newly revamped 201 in lovely downtown Providence. Formerly Remy’s, a hotbed of underage debauchery and well-dressed fistfights, the new 201 promises a slightly more mature partying experience, though why they want us there is anyone’s guess. It is your summer duty to join us for a resurrection of our beloved LOADED! and hopefully a strong turnout will convince the new management to keep us around for a bit, with a possible weekly Friday happening on the horizon. So this is where you come in, faithful dancers and drinkers, if you liked what we did then this is where to go now, and we promise to not mature in the least, because you should expect no less from us. LOADED! @ 201, located conveniently at 201 Westminster downtown next to Mama Teresa’s $5 (cheap) Wednesday 10-1am One night only! (for now)

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