Stop If You’ve Gotten Enough

“Nobody’s willing to stand up and say ‘We don’t need Michael Jackson.'” So Congressman Peter King fills the void:


2 thoughts on “Stop If You’ve Gotten Enough”

  1. Honestly, I’d rather CNN keep covering Michael Jackson. I don’t care if people get their ideas about him from mainstream corporate news sources, but global warming, Iran, the war, Honduras, G8, health care, and all the other things going on right now are way more important, and if American citizens want to know about them (which they do), I’d rather they seek out alternative sources of information (which they are). I wish Michael Jackson could die every day.

  2. I totally agree with this. You cannot turn on the tv without Michael Jackson on every station. CNN….is the war over? Have global warming, hunger and disease all been conquered? This is the result of giving the news to the entertainment divisions, and allowing a few owners to control almost all of the media. How long do we think democracy is going to last if we keep going down this road of distraction from reality by the news focusing on celebrity and superficiality? I am disgusted.

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