This Record Is Your Summer Soundtrack

Since Dinosaur Jr.’s Farm is setting my laptop on fire right now I thought I’d write a little bit about it. For those out of the loop, and I admit I was until recently, Farm marks the second full length reunion of the original trio Mascis, Murph and Lou Barlow. Building on the surprising high quality of 2007’s Beyond, this new one is a bright and searing heat bomb of epic sunbleached guitar solos and bittersweet choruses so packed to the rafters with Mascis’s burnt orange vocal and guitar hooks, you could hear muffled snippets of this from a mile away and know it was Dinosaur Jr. While super huge and catchy tracks like openers “Pieces” and “I Wand You To Know” are the album’s bread and butter, moody sunset anthems like “Ocean in the Way” and “Plans” take Mascis’s already Neil Young heavy song writing style into serious Zuma and “Cortez The Killer” territory. This record needs to be blasted at high noon on a beach with a can of Pabst in your hand and at 3 am, when your voice is gone and that last cigarette is burning at your knuckles.

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